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Annique’s nutritional and skin care products contain ingredients of the highest international standards. These products enhance the body and skin’s natural functions and help restore deficiencies for an improved nutrient balance. The Annique range improves the immune system function and prevents allergic reactions.

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I was twenty weeks pregnant when my baby started to loose weight. My doctor recommend I take a supplement. Annique's Lifestyle Shake was vetted by my doctor. Permission granted, I started taking the Annique Lifestyle Shake between meals. Michanté was born 20 weeks later at a healthy 3.3kg. Thank you Elna
Whilst undertaking repairs on our farm I was stung by a wasp. My friend Henry sprayed Annique's Resque Mist where I had been stung, and immediately the swelling started to go down and the pain was less.
I have been suffering from a very dry skin, and have not managed to find a product to moisturize my skin sufficiently. I opted for the most expensive products on the market on the notion that the more I pay the better the product should be. To my dismay this was not the case and I was still left seeking a solution. Elna introduced me to an Annique Lucid Moisturizer, and what a difference! Much more cost effective with far superior results - amazing! Smooth, soft, moisturized skin. I will never use any other moisturizer again.

Old and Young

Annique Health & Beauty work from the cradle to old age. With our baby range, you can rest assure your little one will be looked after from head to toe, with Annique Baby 2-in-1 baby wash & shampoo to our organic baby tea. Baby will sleep and so will you. Granny is not left out, we look after them too, with our amazing Annique Forever Young range grandma can look like queen.

Give your baby the best

An anti-allergic and nutritional supplementary drink. It can help prevent skin rashes and sensitivity. We take care of your baby, with our Baby Rooibos tea, Baby Wash and Baby Body Lotion, from head to toe, anti allergic, calming and full of rooibos goodness.

For all ages

At Annique we say age is only a number. We look at your needs, maybe it is skincare or Lifestyle. Problem skin or no energy, we have the Annique Rooibos Solution for you.

Mature Age

Mature aged men and women look to Annique Rooibos products and tea to calm them down, look younger and feel brighter than what the calendar would indicate.


Very healthy

Our Annique Lifestyle Shake and supplements is more than what the RDA level should be. Because we care, we only want to give you the best, all our supplements contain Green Rooibos Extract. Green Rooibos is the highest in anti-oxidants, thus aiding in the prevention of cancer and building your immune system. It kills free-radicals, thus improving youthfulness.

All Natural

Contains no caffeine
Low tannin from pure Rooibos leaves